Supported Living is a set of services for the extensive and specialized care of people who need our support.

Supported Living

Supported Living is aimed at people who need help to ensure their daily care and normal living.

Supported living facilities vary depending on the number of tenants. Usually, the “levels of care” are offered, depending on the benefits and care that everyone wants to receive daily and always guided by the individual needs of each member of our space.

Assisted tenants usually live in their own rooms and share common areas. They are given access to many services, so that they feel comfortable and familiar in “our common home”. Homemade cooked meals help in their personal care in a familiar, clean and specially adapted environment.

Our nurses take care of the personal hygiene, the medication of the tenants and their further treatment with the aim of a quality daily life. Also, in our center there is 24-hour security, as well as a number of social and leisure activities.

Assisted Living