Our goal is a daily life full of health, smiles and quality of life!

Wellness Services

Whatever your lifestyle choice, our programs are designed to suit your personal needs and offer you high quality services for a healthy and quality daily life.

At the heart of our activities, in addition to recreational activities, are the physical ones, which are intended to perform the ancient saying “healthy mind in a healthy body”, strengthening the body and the spirit and illuminating your every day.

Our center has special equipment for the muscular strengthening of our tenants. Physical education classes keep you awake by dealing with fatigue, discomfort, physical problems and preventing problems that may arise during your lifetime.

The picturesque walks in the sun, the fresh air, the artistic activities, the physical exercise, the frequent communication with a psychologist and a set of specialized services contribute to the physical, mental and spiritual empowerment of our members is our daily goal.

Wellness Services