For some, we are people in uniform.  For others, we are the ones that will take on the difficult job and for many, we are just employees on a shift.


But there are also those who consider us their people.  For them, we are caregivers…..caretakers of their love!  They let us embrace our loved ones, help them in a professional and humane way at the same time.  Every day of our work is a short story.


For some, a nursing home may be a building or a business; for us, it’s our lives.

Mr. Nikos and Ms. Eleni for you are just names – for us, they are people full of history who are waiting for us to ignite the meaning.


Caring for an elderly person is like caring for a young child.  The magic in both cases that complete the life cycle is the love you receive from the one you care for.  Certainly, in every case there are difficulties, but the joys always cover these difficulties.


“Thank you”, Mr. Nikos will say to his caregiver.  “I really enjoy your company”, he will continue.  “I will go out with my wife.  Can you help me get ready?”  Simple words, sentences from an elderly person with dementia acquire another meaning.


The caretaker will be the one to provide help with the hygiene of the person he has taken on, who will try to beautify every minute they share, who will keep

Ms. Eleni’s heart warm, full of love and hope. “Let me prepare you, my Eleni, we will go for a walk.” “Thank you”.

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