“Aeneas” provides you with a variety of services after assessing your needs, as well as ensures the provision of a complete supported living program where required.

Our Center – Assisted Living

The “Aeneas” living center is addressed to all of you and varies according to your needs. Our goal is to support you so that you can enjoy your life comfortably and independently.

Supported/Assisted living essentially signals regular scheduled help with daily activities. The health professionals work with you to jointly organize the specialized program that will be implemented for each of you individually. Together we will define the areas where you need help every day, in order to meet your personal needs and desires.

Services range from minimal support to providing specific services for specialized needs. Our interdisciplinary team takes care of the evaluation of your needs and the construction of a personalized program, which is carefully implemented, evaluated and constantly adapted according to the needs that arise.

Αινείας Κέντρο Φροντίδας Ηλικιωμένων
Αινείας Κέντρο Φροντίδας Ηλικιωμένων

Principles of Operation

  • Regardless of age, gender, religion, personal characteristics, preferences and care requirements all guests have equal rights and obligations.
  • Our facilities are suitable for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, motor disorders, problems of social isolation, stress management, as well as psychosocial problems.
  • The individualized program of the tenants is provided by an interdisciplinary team focusing on their needs.
  • The interaction and “contact” between staff and guests-escorts must be continuous with the aim of a smooth and constructive cooperation.
  • Our services aim at a dignified living for the guests.

Assistance includes



Based on Mediterranean flavors, our chef cooks every day for residents, adapting the food to their needs.



Our primary concern is the safety of our elderly. With the help of technology (cameras, automated system, wireless nurse call, etc.) we have established safety in our home.

Νοσηλευτική Υποστήριξη

Skilled Nursing

Our experienced staff is on-call 24/7 providing nursing care to those in need.

Κινησιοθεραπεία – Φυσικοθεραπεία

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists implement individual and group therapy programs specially designed for the elderly according to their needs.

Προσωπική Φροντίδα

Personal Care

Care giving for us is very important and personalized according to one’s needs.

Ιατρική Παρακολούθηση

Medical Monitoring

The medical team of our associates is in direct collaboration with the nursing staff for the continuous monitoring of residents.

Αινείας Κέντρο Φροντίδας Ηλικιωμένων

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to support our fellow citizens who need our help in order to experience their daily lives with dignity and independence in their homes and communities, providing them with the necessary services and proper care.

Where this is not possible, we support access to quality long-term care in an assisted living unit.

Our operating plan emphasizes on the promotion of high quality services provided to those who need it, in the most appropriate environment specially adapted to their needs.

Our Mission

“Aeneas” with direct reference to its historical model, seeks to provide the opportunity for a new life to the elderly. Providing the opportunity for a dignified life based on the rights of every individual from the beginning of his journey of the thread of life all the way up to the end.

The structure is therefore called upon to carry on its back, such as the epic hero, the continuation of the elderly life, which are often marginalized, isolated and finally abandoned as non-productive citizens, due to the indifference of society as a whole.

Aeneas with the transfer of his father shows his respect and pays tribute to his ancestor, whom he chooses not to give up, but to give him the possibility of survival signaling  a new age for his genus in a new country.

Η Αποστολή μας

It is precisely in this new era that the structure of “Social Welfare Action Aid” which aims at seeking new social conditions for these people and redefining values in the community through the principles of volunteering and the social care of our fellow citizens.

Become Aeneas

It is essential that we all work together and become the voice of our grandparents.

The elderly need our support now more than ever.

We must collectively do what the brave hero did, whose name our organization carries.  Lift

the weight of our elderly and take on their safety!

Love for the elderly