“Somewhere in Between our 40’s and 50’s”

“Somewhere in Between our 40’s and 50’s”

Somewhere in between our 40’s and our 50’s we start to realize how precious life really is.  How valuable our time is.  How important it is to take care of ourselves in order to feel peaceful deep down in our gut soul.  We stop paying attention to pettiness.  We smile in the eyes of misery and remain silent in absurdness.  In our own quiet time still find the energy to dream and vision. We value our experiences and use it as wisdom.  Fear of what’s in store for us is no longer an issue; hunger for living our life is right here.

We know how to value tasteful ingredients in a dinner, how to value a nice wine or even a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a dear friend.



Dance, workout, hangout, laugh hard with all your insides, run and run towards enjoyment – A healthy fit physique, a healthy mind and soul is the ticket to a fun future.

Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to live with risk


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