Let me tell you who I am…

Let me tell you who I am…


Yesterday I paid a visit to Aeneas Senior Living Center. Eleftheria was waiting for me there. While talking to the caregivers I heard Eleftheria’s voice.  To be precise, her loud voice was her shouting!

After a while I saw this person – her name Eleftheria. These voices cannot be coming out of her mouth I thought. She was a sweet lady. Beautiful, well-groomed and sat down to drink a cup of coffee in her new home.

War, fields, deaths, children, grandchildren. Many stories and two eyes to shine. She kissed those who took care of her and shouted because she did not want anyone in her new home. The person in charge shook her hand. She held her tight and Eleftheria forgot both their voices and their anxiety!

“How many will we feed today, mother?” she asked herself. “Those who are hungry!” she answered herself! She gave us wishes, she told me the story of her life. Eleftheria wanted me to know who she is. Many may think that Eleftheria does not know who she is. But her soul knows who she is. She is a woman with moments, joys, sorrows, experiences and need to tell you who she is.

We drank coffee, hung out and Eleftheria then layed down to rest happily. She told me that when she wakes up she will be ready to welcome me back to her house as a “mistress”, dressed and groomed. Mrs. Eleftheria knows who she is; she is a “mistress” of life and will remain so!

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