Let’s share our anxieties!

Let’s share our anxieties!

As a mother of three minor children and the daughter of a mother and a father who are over 65 and have their own health problems, and directly related to the field of health I know that moments like these cause us to do our best for the members of our family, both young and old. I also know that caring for our elderly loved ones in this uncertain world is now more difficult than ever.

For this purpose and due to my personal interest in health issues, I am in direct contact with people in the field of health, in order to exchange views and adopt practices that will ensure a safe living.

I confess that I am often overwhelmed by emotions coming in direct contact with the field of health. The hard work of these people who struggle every day to safeguard the health and safety of our moms and dads at this critical time is a source of inspiration to me.

Taking strong preventive measures following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to strengthen existing policies and procedures is now necessary. The dedication of health professionals in their mission to improve the quality of life of the elderly is certainly admirable.

Our caregivers and nursing staff along with counselors work tirelessly to help our families. With the growing demand in the health care system, the assisted-living communities are now leading to an expansion of the national care network for the aging population.

Whether you are in an emergency or just want to talk to someone, our team is here for you and is ready to help. Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors or email me directly at info@aineias.gr and I will ensure that you are connected to the right resource.

We are by your side! All together in collaboration we find solutions fighting for the best!

Be careful and fill your every moment with smiles!

Eleni Samiou

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