Volunteering is an advanced form of civic participation, as the volunteer goes beyond his own interests and is actively engaged in community-related issues, is aware of the value of participation and, at the same time, is mobilizing for issues related to his interests and concerns.

The behavior of the volunteer is governed by generosity, altruism and profitability, working exemplarily for his wider surroundings. He offers beyond his indebtedness as a citizen and without being forced by forces external to his conscience. Identifies social needs or needs that have to do with quality of life in general, designs ways to meet needs and develops the broadest possible forms of collaboration and communication between individuals and groups to implement this design.

The volunteer unselfishly has time, energy, knowledge, and skills to help someone, a group or organization, wanting to offer society, share ideas with other people, share their knowledge and experiences, and to acquire new experiences that will be useful to him in life, to use his personal skills, to take an individual initiative and to seek solutions to problems in an environment of social interaction and collectivity.

Source: General Secretariat of New Generation

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